Three people stabbed during wild neighborhood brawl

AUSTIN, TX (FOX 7 KTBC)- FOX 7 obtained exclusive video from a big brawl in an Austin neighborhood. Five people ended up going to the hospital with stab wounds and cuts. Witnesses say it started with just two men in front of one home, and it quickly escalated.

The video shows how easily one thing led to another in this East Austin neighborhood. It was shot by a bystander just before 11 a.m.

"Two girls and another guy came with knives and started stabbing. The two girls started fist fighting my mom," said Charesta Pope, witness.

Pope says some of her family members were among the five people police say were taken to the hospital.
She says the fight all started next door to her mom's house.

"It was two people in my mother's yard, her next door neighbors, they were arguing, my nephew went out there, asked them can they get out of my mom's yard," said Pope.

A woman who did not want to go on camera says those two men were her relatives. She says they were just trying to keep the altercation to themselves before others next door got involved.

"They were jumping my uncle and my brother got in," she said.

Witness Debbie Steen says the fight was small at first.

"The two guys started shoving but one of the guys avoided him. So the family in apartment B came out. I don't know how that escalated but they came out and that's how the fight really got started," said Steen.

Police say people ranging from adults to children all were involved in the brawl.

"Up to 12 individuals, some juveniles, males and females actively fighting," said Bino Cadenas, Sr. Patrol Officer, Austin Police Dept.

Debbie Steen says she's disturbed by something that could have easily turned deadly.

"Something that little come out to be that big of a deal with everybody getting cut and all the hitting going on. The kids were really defending their grandmother, that's what they were doing," said Steen.

The suspects in this case are two Hispanic women and a Hispanic man. Austin Police say they do have warrants out for their arrests. They want to hear their side of the story.