Toddler who had arm amputated gets new kitten who also had paw removed

A 2-year-old has formed an incredibly close bond with her new kitten, as they share one very special characteristic.

Sadly, both Scarlette Tipton and her new kitten Doc had to have a limb amputated at an early age, but now the two are learning to cope together.

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Scarlette had to have her left arm removed at the shoulder when she was just 10 months old in October 2014. She was born with a cancer so rare that she is the only person to ever have been diagnosed with it, according to the Daily Mail.

Doc, a rescue kitten, had to have her front right paw amputated after medics said that it was caught in the fan belt of a car where she was sleeping to keep warm.

The 3-month-old kitten was found by Edith Rios and her daughter-in-law Kelley Gonzalez, who brought her to an animal shelter in December.

The Tipton family heard about the kitten's story, and visited her on Christmas Eve. Then on Wednesday, they formally adopted her.

Scarlette's mother, Simone, told Good Morning America, "When we were playing with the cat on the floor, Scarlette noticed it had staples on its side and a drainage tube sticking out, which she had to deal with as well, after her own amputation.

"She pointed at it, saying, "Owie, the cat is hurting" and placed her own hand on her left side where her amputation was.

"She's only two, but I think she really understood and it clicked with her that the cat was just like her."