Travis Kelce in Philadelphia: What did Jason's brother get up to around the city

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Philadelphia was truly the "City of Brotherly Love" as the Kelce brothers reunited for a week of ups and downs.

The last time Jason and Kelce were spotted together they were in Las Vegas celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl win at an epic after party.

This week, the brothers got together once again - this time in Jason's neck of the woods.

Travis' Philly visit began with a fresh haircut by local celebrity barber Willis Orengo.

"I got the big yeti clean," Orengo said in an Instagram post.

Next, Travis met up with Jason to make a special stop over the weekend.


Jason, Travis Kelce give back in memory of Philadelphia Eagles fan who died from cancer

One day before Jason Kelce announced his retirement, he and Travis Kelce attended a touching fundraising event in support of a Philly fan who passed away from colorectal cancer in 2023.

The brothers supported a local fundraiser in memory of Eagles fan Brendan McDermott who died from colorectal cancer in 2023. 

Brendan’s sister-in-law, Jess Viola, shared pictures of the Kelce brothers at the event.

"These two are awesome. I know Brendan is smiling down right now," she said in a caption.

Just a day later, both brothers were in tears over the reason for Travis' trip to Philly - his brother Jason's retirement announcement.

Travis sat in the front row as Jason reminisced on his time in the NFL, wiping away tears as his brother discussed their special bond.


Key moments from Jason Kelce's emotional retirement speech

Jason Kelce retired from football Monday, bringing his 13 year career in Philadelphia to a close. Here are some highlights from his emotional retirement speech.

Immediately following Jason's emotional speech, the brothers embraced in a moment of true "brotherly love."

Turned out to be a visit Travis, and Philadelphia will never forget!