Trending Video Shows Sweet Military Homecoming

PHILADELPHIA, PA (WTXF) - A video honoring military members and their loved ones is making a touching impression on the Internet.

The moving clip titled "Heartsick" gives viewers a glimpse into what family members go through when their military member loved ones are serving their country.

The fictional film, released in honor of Veterans Day, shows a young girl whose father is in the army writing a letter to the president.

Dakota Green writes:
"Dear Mr. President ... I love to dance more than anything in the world. Every year, my mommy and daddy come to see me perform on a big stage," Dakota "writes" in the beginning of the video. "This year, I made a very special dance to surprise my daddy ... but the problem is, my daddy is still away at war. Please. Cancel the war so my daddy can make it home on time."

The moment has dozens of people sharing the clip on social media. See the video below.