TSA Confiscates Boy's Buzz Lightyear Toy That Looked Like a Gun

MECHANICSBURG, PA (FOX NEWS INSIDER) - A 5-year-old Pennsylvania boy was left in tears after his favorite toy was confiscated by the TSA.

Levi Zilka had his Buzz Lightyear toy thrown in the trash by officials after they said it resembled a gun, according to his father, David.

It was little Levi's first time on a plane.

He had just visited Disney World for the first time, where his uncle bought him the souvenir.

"We understand that things are scary out there right now," said David Zilka. "But taking a toy from a five-year-old doesn't enhance national security. It was all I could do not to break down with him in that moment."

Zilka said he has filed a complaint with the TSA. The TSA website explains that replica firearms can only be in checked baggage.

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