TSA praised in Facebook post for kind and respectful security check

A TSA agent working in Bradley International Airport, Hartford, Connecticut, has been highly praised on Facebook thanks to the way she treated a transgender person when the security computer flagged the person as suspicious.

Unfortunately for Amanda Sapir, who describes herself as "gender nonconforming," the security system flagged her because she was wearing boxer briefs but was identified as female because of her breasts.

The TSA agent, Darlena Thi Lac, listened to Sapir's explanation and both had a laugh when the machine flagged Sapir's breasts as suspicious the next time around.

After being patted down, Sapir told Thi Lac that it had been the "kindest and most socially aware TSA experience" she had ever experienced.

Sapir shared the experience on Facebook, along with a selfie with Thi Lac, and the post has amassed more than 7,700 shares and 44,000 likes.