17 underweight, wounded dogs rescued from Coaldale home by PSPCA

The Pennsylvania SPCA’s Animal Law Enforcement team rescued 20 animals from a Schuylkill County home Monday afternoon after following up on concerns expressed in an anonymous tip.

Seventeen dogs, which officers described as underweight with sparse body hair, were seized from the property on Bull Run Street in Coaldale along with a turtle and two birds. 

Acting on a tip about the dogs’ poor health sent to the Coaldale Borough of Police, PSPCA officers received and executed a search warrant on Monday. 

Responders say many of the dogs had severe skin conditions, including some with open wounds that they believe were caused by sarcoptic mange.

"The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a Great Pyrenees is their beautiful, fluffy white coats," said Julie Klim, CEO of the Pennsylvania SPCA. "But the dogs rescued yesterday are a stark contrast; instead of white fur, there was red, itchy, rough, bloody skin. This didn’t happen overnight, and sadly these animals have been suffering for some time. We take solace in the fact that they are safe now, and beginning their journey to learning how pets are meant to be treated."

The owner freely surrendered the animals to authorities, who brought them to the PSPCA’s Philadelphia headquarters and Main Line Animal Rescue for treatment. 

Once they recover, the animals will be available for adoption into suitable homes. 

The PSPCA is investigating potential animal cruelty and neglect in this case and urges anyone with information to contact them.