Two Charged in Robbery and Assault at SEPTA Station

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) Authorities announced the arrest of two people in connection with a robbery and assault at the Millbourne station last month.

According to authorities, they arrested Jackie Kohlepp, 29 of Philadelphia, and Michael Osorio, 31, of Havertown. They are both charged with robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault, all felonies of the first degree along with other charges of theft.

As a SEPTA train pulled into the Millbourne station last month, the suspects allegedly made their move on the sleeping passenger. They snatched his bag and ran off the train, according to authorities.

SEPTA says the victim woke up and began to chase the suspects. The two suspects hit the platform and tried to escape with the victim in close pursuit. He caught them and struggled with the suspects, according to the video.

"The female reached down into a bag and takes out a taser," said SEPTA Jerri Williams.

The video shows the female suspect tasing the victim. It looks like twice in the back, when she allegedly hits him in the shoulder, which causes him to do a somersault into the track area.

The suspects took off leaving the victim dazed on the tracks below, when he came too, he stumbled and literally fell on the electrified third rail. He stayed there for 90 seconds.

"We are just absolutely so lucky that he was not electrocuted," said Williams.

SEPTA officials believe a covering on the third rail may have saved the victim's life. Fortunately, no other trains approached the station as the victim climb from the tracks.

Victim Michael Krammer recounted the horrific night.

"It was really a spit second I fell backwards. I don't know if I was out cold. I just remember getting up and being full of blood and laying on third rail and then myself climbing back into the platform," Michael Kramer told FOX 29.

Just last month FOX 29 revealed a new SEPTA undercover sting operation designed to catch thieves intention of stealing items from sleeping passengers. The sleeper decoy detail has netted several arrests.

SEPTA is warning riders to stay awake and be alert. The victim was slightly injured and hospitalized.