Uber glitch charges customers as much as 100 times actual fare; company says problem fixed

An Uber glitch overcharged customers in cities around the U.S. nearly 100 times the amount they were supposed to have paid for their rides.

Social media exploded on Wednesday with complaints that the ride-share company had overcharged for trips. A Twitter post form one user said his wife was charged $9672 for a ride that was supposed to have cost $96.72. Twitter user JeffGEP, who works at FOX 5, said Uber charged him nearly $800 for a trip that shuld have cost around $8.

Uber confirmed the overcharges and said the problem had been fixed. "Riders will only be charged for the accurate amount of their trip distance and duration," they said in a statement.

The company said while impacted riders may temporarily see the inaccurate trip fare in their card accounts, they will not be charged that amount. Uber also said that they are working directly with banks on the issue.