University of Delaware employee tests positive for monkeypox ahead of fall semester start

A University of Delaware employee is isolating after testing positive for moneybox, according to the school. 

An announcement posted on the school's website Wednesday said, "A UD employee has been diagnosed with monkeypox. The individual is currently isolating and recovering at home."

University officials are working with the Delaware Division of Public Health as the agency works to notify those who may have had close contact with the employee. 

Vice President of Student Life Jose Riera said it's important for the school to raise awareness about monkeypox in the community. 


"Education is obviously really important to us, really we just want our students to be aware it exists," Riera said. "We have student health services that are fully equipped and ready for our students, we are testing." 

Meanwhile, freshman students are fearful of another health emergency that could disrupt their academic year. 

"I’m definitely a little worried because I don’t want this to be like COVID again and school to get shut down," Ethan Weinerman said. 

According to the school's official academic calendar, early check-in at residence halls was Wednesday, but most students are not set to return to campus until Saturday and Sunday. 

The university assured students and staff that the COVID-19 pandemic made them more prepared than ever for health emergencies. They also want students to know the stark difference between COVID and monkeypox.

"You're not going to be in a classroom and someone has monkeypox and you're going to walk out with monkeypox based on all the evidence we know," Riera said. 

Officials hope to be able to provide vaccinations on campus in the near-future.