UPenn law professor accused of making hateful remarks about Asian immigrants

A long-tenured professor at the University of Pennsylvania is under fire for alleged controversial comments she made about the Asian immigrant community on a podcast. 

Law Professor Amy Wax appeared on The Glenn Show last December and spoke about the "danger of dominance of Asian elite" and questioned the group's "spirit of liberty." 

"There is this, let’s call it, danger of dominance of Asian elite in this country and what does that mean? What’s that going to mean to change the culture. That’s not a popular idea to say that," Wax said. "Does the spirit of liberty beat in their breast, Glenn?"

State Senator Anthony Williams and other elected officials and civil rights activists have since demanded action from UPenn to refute Wax's alleged hateful comments.


"The specific request, demand, whatever way you want to phrase it, is that protection of tenure is removed from Professor Wax," Senator Williams said.

Philadelphia Councilmember at Large David Oh also spoke at a press conference Thursday in front of the law school’s steps and refuted Wax's comments.

"What professor Wax has espoused is the idea that people can be separated into those who benefit this country and those who are detrimental to this country because of their culture, their roots, their history," Oh said.

Law Professor Amy Wax is under fire for alleged hateful remarks about Asian immigrants.

Dean of the University of Pennsylvania's Carey Law School Theodore Ruger is considering "appropriate action" and has consulted other school officials, according to a statement from the university. 

University of Pennsylvania Meredith Rovine wrote:

"Due to the serious and harmful nature of Professor Wax’s conduct, Dean Ruger has consulted both University and faculty colleagues, and administrative officials about appropriate action. University rules require that any sanction on a faculty member, whether major or minor, must go through a process that involves Faculty Senate authority, and cannot be made by a dean or other administrator unilaterally. Dean Ruger is carefully considering all aspects of that process and will announce more specific action imminently."

Meanwhile, Wax issued a short statement saying: "There needs to be more focus on people who are already here, and especially the core (and neglected) "legacy" population." 



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