UPS workers hailed heroes after saving woman from fire

Two UPS workers in New Jersey are being hailed as heroes after a routine delivery turned into a lifesaving rescue. An 81-year-old woman is alive thanks to their quick action.

Mid-afternoon on a late August day along Cherry Hill Blvd., Joe Carbone and Don Vance were to deliver for UPS at house 307, but Carbone smelled smoke from the home across the street.

"I saw the car in the driveway and was worried somebody may be in the house," he told FOX 29.

He checked the back of house and headed for the front door of 308.

"I saw flames above the front door so I bang on the door. I think somebody is sleeping so I bang on the window," Carbone.

Inside, 81-year-old Kathryn Harris--preparing to get in the shower--has no idea her home is on fire until she heard the banging.

"I heard this banging on the window and these two men are saying get out--get out--hurry up," she explained.

Carbone says Ms. Harris--who is a widow and mother of 3--would not leave without her robe and Harris says without her purse and lipstick.Thankfully, they were able to get her out.

The fire department was quick to the scene and put out the fire caused by faulty wiring to an old wall fan.

"I feel proud but I believe in right place right time. We acted as a team and helped out." Carbone said.

On Thursday, Kathryn Harris, Joe and Don met again in a ceremony at UPS arranged by Kathryn's daughter and the company to thank the two guys from UPS who brought Ms. Harris to safety and delivered their package as well.

"I hugged them and I kissed them you saved my life. I'll be grateful for the rest of my life and I think angels helped them along," Harris said.