Valley man finds job after panhandling his resume

Since a story aired on FOX 10 Phoenix about a man panhandling his resume in search of a job, his phone has not stopped ringing.

Patrick Hoagland was out of a job for a few weeks after getting laid off. He took to the streets, panhandling his resume.

On Wednesday, the station met Hoagland on Osborn Road and 7th Avenue with a sign that read, "Looking for a job," and his resumes in the other hand. Some cars passed, others honked and a few even stopped.

Now, after having shared his story, Hoagland has a new job.

"My phone just started going crazy," Hoagland said, "[I got] offers from multiple different people to come in and talk to them to come in and work."

"I went on Saturday and worked to prove myself and they loved me," Hoagland went on to say. "I was offered a position - I work for Flatline Concrete Grinding Company."

Hoagland has already started full-time job, telling FOX 10 Phoenix that he is thankful for the community's messages of support and encouragement.