Veteran Comes Home to New, Mortgage Free House

LAND O'LAKES, FL- A hero's welcome took place on Saturday, as a war veteran came back to a different home than the one he left behind.

It was a homecoming fit for a hero..

American flags lined the streets of this small, Land O'Lakes subdivision, along with neighbors and well-wishers, hoping to make this a day Army Corporal Jesse Murphree will never forget.

Murphree and his family were handed the keys to their brand new, mortgage-free home on Saturday.

The retired soldier lost both of his legs in Afghanistan back in 2007, when his vehicle exploded.

Veteran's charity Building Homes for Heroes says this newly constructed 3-bedroom home is there small way of thanking Murphree and his family for his sacrifice.

"We're not leaving them. We're going to help them with financial resources. We're going to help them with everything they need, and we're here for many, many years to come," said the organizations president Andy Pujol.

Murphree and his wife, Ashlee, looked around in awe as they stepped into their new home for the first time. Their son, Brody, was the most excited.

"It's a huge weight lifted off of my back, most importantly, knowing that my family is taken care of, and they have somewhere to sleep. It's hard to explain. It's just surreal right now," Murphree explained.

Corporal Murphree says getting this brand new home, mortgage free, is one of the greatest stress-relievers he's had in a while. He says now he can focus on going to college and pursuing a new career in psychology.