Vice Principal Saves Boy's Life After his Heart Stops in Gym Class

WEST JORDAN, UTAH - A middle school Vice Principal in Utah saved the life of a student.

Skyler Nelson was running in the gym with other students when he suddenly collapsed on the floor.

The school's Vice Principal, Eric Price, stepped in and started CPR on the young boy. The quick thinking of the staff brought Nelson back to life.

Nelson's heart had stopped, as result of a heart defect that runs in his family.

"The pulse was hard to find," said Price. "At the time the adrenaline kicks in and you just do what you're trained to do."

Price and other staff at the school had taken a CPR class just days before the incident.

The 14-year-old was rushed to the hospital and will undergo surgery to get a defibrillator. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Lori Edmunds, Nelson's mother, says that she's incredibly grateful her son will be okay.

"I feel fortunate and I feel like I get a second chance," said Nelson. "I'd like to say thank you very much. I'm grateful, God bless you."