Video appears to show UFO above Charlotte hotel

Alert the Men in Black! A strange site above a Charlotte hotel last Saturday has the internet going extraterrestrial, and it was all captured on video

The footage, taken by Chris Hulbert on October 15, 2016, appears to show what Hulbert and others are calling a U.F.O. flying above the La Meridian Hotel.

Hulbert posted the footage to YouTube. The video shows several blinking lights flashing in the sky above the hotel.

"At first I was thinking they were flares, like off a chopper, like a stray flare, but they're moving very strangely," a man can be heard saying to another person nearby.

At one point, the flashing lights change from a random cluster and actually begin to form a triangle.

Contact from another life form or a balloon filled with swamp gas reflecting the light off Venus?

Watch the full video below. App users click here for embedded content.