Vigil held to remember 5 people killed in Morrisville

Friends, neighbors and mostly strangers arrived with heavy hearts to the Morrisville United Methodist Church to grieve for the five victims of the same family who were found dead Monday night.

Shana Decree, 45, and Dominique Decree, 19, are charged with five counts of homicide and one count each of conspiracy.

"It's a time to come together. It's a time to come together and help the family and the immediate family get through this," neighbor Angela Lomax said.

While media cameras were kept outside, it was standing room only inside the church where the names of each victim along with a prayer was read aloud. Clergy from other nearby churches came to help make sense of the senseless.

"When you lose children, we know that their hearts are heavy and the mothers and the community are also touched as well. So this can also affect the children all the way up the family chain," Police Chaplain Nanette Conover said.

Among those in attendance--a teacher of one of the victims--13-year-old Damon Decree Jr. He was known as a quiet, respectful young man and member of his school's drama club.

"He was such a nice boy and the whole family. I'm just surprised. I'm surprised by it like I can't wrap my head around it," teacher Julie Scheiring said.