#VoteThatJawn campaign hopes to inspire young voters

With the November elections right around the corner there's a push to get new voters to the polls.

"I'm kind of ready for the future to start voting," 17-year-old Dashay Donerson said.

It's teenagers like Dashay that a new voting registration drive is targeting. The 'Vote That Jawn' multimedia campaign with a website, social media pages and videos was all developed and run by local students.

"I really think the kids in this generation have been awoken in a lot of different ways," Temple University Professor David Brown said.

David Brown with Temple's Kline College of Media and Communications is helping facilitate what's believed to be the first campaign of its kind. Teens can win $1,000 prizes to come up with their own voting campaigns.

The goal is not to push a candidate but pushing the process.

FOX 29's Chris O'Connell showed the campaign to several teenagers who say talking their language may inspire teenagers to act.

"We don't know what it's going to yield, but if we get one more person to register to vote who didn't register before and then to vote on November 6th then it's going to be a success," Professor Brown said.

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