VP Pence arrives for Arizona tax policy tour

Vice President Mike Pence has arrived in Arizona to attend a gathering on the administration's tax policies. Pence's plane landed shortly before midday Tuesday in Phoenix.

The Vice President's schedule says he will attend a private event with Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey before heading to nearby Tempe for an event on how new tax cuts signed into law by President Donald Trump will affect Arizona residents.

Welcome back to Arizona, @VP Pence pic.twitter.com/eRIBc1n3SU

>>VIDEO: VP Pence arrives in Phoenix for tax event

After the event, Vice President Pence spoke with FOX 10's John Hook. The Vice President, during the interview, touched on the education funding issue that the state currently faces, as a teacher walkout continued on Tuesday.

"We hold our teachers in the highest regard," said Vice President Pence. "Arizona, America have some of the greatest men and women in our classrooms, and I'm very confident that with his proposal for a 20% pay raise for teachers by 2020 that Governor Ducey is going to be able to move past this issue."

Vice President Pence also touched on the issue of North Korea, as the country may move to denuclearize.

"I can assure you that President Trump is going to go into this clear eyed, with clear expectations, and if the Kim Regime is willing to take permanent, verifiable and irreversible steps to abandon their nuclear arsenal, then, and only then will the United States consider diverting from the extreme pressure we've put on them," said the Vice President.

The Vice President also spoke out on the issue of the caravan from Central America that has arrived in Northern Mexico.

"These families and other families that travel at great risk to themselves are being exploited," said the Vice President. "They're being exploited by organizations that are attempting to use these families to force change in America's immigration laws, and it's the reason why we need to build the wall."

Vice President Pence wak asked whether Trump's brash style undermines his message.

"While our styles are different, our backgrounds are different, our causes are the same," said the Vice President. "This President, I believe, is the right man at the right time to bring this country back, and it's my great honor to serve with him."

As Vice President Pence was in Arizona, the Second Lady, Karen Pence, spent her day checking out an art therapy session in Downtown Phoenix. Therapists at PSA Art Awakenings work with students who have mental health issues.

Karen Pence is a former art teacher who is now very passionate about art therapy.