Waitress Picks Up Firefighter's Tab at New Jersey Diner

Delran, NJ--(WTXF)--After working for hours with his fellow firefighters in North Brunswick, New Jersey, Paul Hullings was happy to have a much-needed breakfast, but was most affected by a spontaneous act of kindness.

At the Route 130 Diner, he and a friend got to talking with the waitress Liz Woodward, who was thankful for all the firefighters had done. The massive warehouse fire could be seen for miles around that day, and getting it under control took 12 hours. After hearing about that brutal day, Woodward wanted to show her appreciation. As they were headed out, the men noticed the bill had been paid, and a beautiful note had been written.

She said, "Thank you for all that you do; for serving others and for running into the places everyone else runs away from." With praise for the courage to fight fires, she happily finished the note by saying "Get some rest =) -Liz"

Liz wanted to recognize the heroism of firefighters, and she thought nothing of her gesture, saying it was the least she could do and heading home. Only the next day did she see a picture of the receipt shared all over social media thanks to her coworker who first posted it.

This helping spirit appears to be characteristic of Woodward as a whole--FOX 29's Bill Anderson found out that she has been working to raise money for a transit van for her quadriplegic father, so that he can occasionally get outside. If you wish to donate to help Liz's father, please visit the GoFundMe page, here.