WATCH: Boy's Frustrated Freakout to Getting Wrong Video Game

(FOXNEWSINSIDER) - A boy's outraged reaction to getting the wrong Christmas gift is going viral.

The boy's reaction shifts from excited to outraged in a split second, when he realizes he received last year's edition of a pro wrestling video game: "You bought me 2k15 instead of 2k16?!"

"It was out of stock," a woman replies.

The boy then completely loses it before the video cuts out.

The video posted to Twitter by Mayra Duarte was shared more than 23,000 times. She claimed it was a prank on her brother for being "bad all year" and said he got "whooped" for the way he reacted.

Game developer WWE 2K reached out on Twitter, offering to help the eight-year-old get the latest edition.

Fellow Twitter users said that would be setting a very bad example by teaching kids it's ok to be a brat.

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