WATCH: Thirsty koala accepts water during heat wave

A koala graciously accepted a bucket of water from kind humans as a scorching heat wave hit south Adelaide, Australia, on February 7.

The Advertiser reported that on Wednesday afternoon the fluffy marsupial climbed down a tree at Mitcham Primary School in Kingswood and followed journalist Craig Cook, eventually parking herself at his feet.
The koala was given a bucket full of water and drank for "20 minutes without stopping" while people gently poured water on on its back to cool it down.

"At no time did it seem scared or concerned by the attention," Cook told The Advertiser. "The wonderful experience last well over 30 minutes until nightfall."

South Australia would experience high temperatures through the week, with the mercury rising up to over 40 degrees Celsius -- which is 104 degrees Fahrenheit -- on Wednesday in Adelaide.