'We are all in this together': Allentown man recounts story of survival on 9/11

It was the need for a simple cup of coffee that forever changed one Allentown man's life on September 11. 

Matin Moosa joined Good Day Philadelphia to recount his experience in New York when the Twin Towers fell. 

In the 8 o'clock hour, Matin Moosa explains he was just heading into the tower towards the 78th floor where he worked that fateful Tuesday. 

That day, he went in early to catch up on work but two coworkers stopped him and invited him to get a cup of coffee with them.

On the 44th floor of the tower there was a cafeteria so they headed in that direction. The plane struck the tower around the 82nd floor. 

It was quite an experience to get out of the tower after the plane struck.


"The building started to shake. We were on the westside, facing towards the World Financial Center. The building leaned that way so we thought we're going to fall that way so hold on. Then it started to sway the other way and then we were like ok ‘It’s going the other way'," he recounted.

At that point, they were instructed to leave the building. As they entered the stairway, it was full of smoke and began their descent from the 44th floor. 

It wasn't until they reached the teen-level floors that they began to get drenched in water. That was when the panic really began to set in. 

Emotionally, Moosa recognizes that it is difficult for him to cope with remembering that day. 

Twenty years ago, he was working for a software development firm on that day. He has since left that industry. 

Personally, Moosa has been changed by the event but that it didn't shake his faith. However, it did inspire him to make sure that the rest of his life was productive and he was taking care of those in need. 



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