West Philly summer camp opens after a year of shutdown

Over 3,000 campers came to the Cobbs Creek Recreation Center, in West Philadelphia, Tuesday after the pandemic forced them to remain closed in 2020. 

Makayla Muse Workman was one of the campers, and says she celebrated her 9th birthday Monday. She said she is celebrating all things summer camp, after a birthday celebration.

"This is Cobbs Creek, we love Cobbs Creek," she commented. "We do arts and crafts and we play games." 

City Councilmember Jamie Gauthier said the camp is a fantastic opportunity for children to reconnect with peers and role models, after the past year and a half of being nearly isolated. Campers say they feel that same way.

"I’m pretty excited. I just wanna make new friends and go outside and play like a regular kid would do," camper Naheim Gaymonhill remarked.

While many restrictions have lifted, campers and staff members are still required to wear masks indoors. 

On the first day of the free neighborhood soccer camp, Cobbs Creek Warriors Coach Tsega McDermott says in extreme heat, they’re forced to take it easy.

"Pretty much keep them in the shade and a lot of water breaks," he said. 



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