What you need to know about Pennsylvania's fireworks law

Times are changing and it's going to be a whole lot louder and brighter this July 4th in Pennsylvania. Not only can Pennsylvanians now buy fireworks, but in many places you can shoot them off, too. Just know the law before you light the fuse.

Mike Grasso is like a kid in a candy store, but just for really loud candy.

"A couple years ago I bought one of those big boxes and it was pretty much the best 4th of July I ever had," he said.

The former Marine is loading his July 4th arsenal after just finding out Pennsylvania lawmakers lifted a 1939 law banning Class C fireworks. It means Pa. residents can buy things like roman candles, mortars and stuff with really cool names.

Brian Bush with Phantom Fireworks explains the change.

"So before you used to have to get a permit from your local municipality in order to buy anything that went up in the air. They took that away," he said.

Although fireworks may be legal to buy where you set them off may not be allowed and there are some whe aren't thrilled with the change like firefighters in Lower Providence Township who are just hoping common sense prevails.

"When we are lighting fuses we stay away from being over top of our face, head extremities, and of course if we have a firework we light and it's a dud we want to stay away from it for 20 minutes and put it in a bucket of water," Lower Providence Fire Department Captain Alex Davis said.

Also, your fun is going to cost you--a 12% fireworks tax above the sales tax.