When should you get a flu shot during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The flu shot is a hot topic especially right now. Typically this time of year people are thinking most about it and with COVID-19 out there some people want to be prepared. But when should you get the flu shot?

"I'm planning on getting one very, very soon," said Sam Bitonti. "It's good to be healthy and have a better immune system but it's also nice to get some help as well with the shot."

Doctors are split on not whether people should get a flu shot but when. Some say it's available now so go for it, while other health professionals say wait about another month. 

Tis woman recently moved here from Taiwan and says it's not a tough decision for her. 

"Because in my country we all take the flu shot or some vaccine every year. So we are used to this," she said.  

Nyve Elam has gotten it once but won't again because she says she still became ill. But she thinks some people should get one. 

"People should get the flu shot so they won't get sick if they usually do get sick at that time. And people probably don’t need it and have a healthy immune system shouldn't get the flu shot and still keep the same routine while being safe during the Covid-19," she said.  

Catherine Melvin got the flu shot Sunday.

"Masks, washing hands and everything. There's enough out there right now.” And she's thinking ahead about what the possibility of high flu and coronavirus cases would mean for health care workers. 

"Our hospitals are already over-burdened. And if I do one little bit to help like wear a mask, get a flu shot and don't get sick with something that's going to take up their time and attention when we've got other people that are sicker,” said Melvin. 


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