Why Angelina Cut Her Hair For Christmas

One area six-year-old has a Christmas wish unlike any other- and it's inspired by a story she saw on Fox 29.

Six-year-old Angelina, of Berks County, is blessed with long, luxurious hair, which extends past her waist. But this week, she cut it off- and she's donating it to Locks of Love for Christmas.

What inspired this act of generosity? According to Angelina's mom, it was a segment she watched on Fox 29 a few months ago, which featured a young cancer patient who had lost her hair.

"For Christmas, I just want to give away my hair to a little girl who doesn't have any hair," Angelina says in the video, which has been widely shared this week on Facebook.

"I watched the news and I saw a little girl that doesn't have any hair at all. So I felt so sad."

My Baby's Christmas Wish

After the cut, Angelina is still left with plenty of hair. And besides… "it'll still grow back. Who cares about if it's short- it'll grow back again!"