Wildlife sanctuary sends warning about dangers of glue traps

The Florida Wildlife Hospital and Sanctuary in Palm Shores says it performs multiple rescues of animals stuck in glue traps.

Now the sanctuary's staff is sending a warning about the dangers they say these traps pose for wildlife.

On its Facebook page, the sanctuary posted a video of a small snake stuck to a glue trap.

Glue traps are a common form of pest control, typically in the form of a flat piece of paper or plastic covered in a very sticky substance. When an animal comes into contact with the glue, it cannot free itself.

Some say the traps are inhumane, even for pests. The sanctuary's staff says the traps often capture animals and reptiles instead of the pests for which they were intended.

The sanctuary says the snake was found on a glue trap at a local church. They have recently rescued a gopher tortoise, which they say wandered into someone's garage looking for a place to nest, but found the glue trap instead.

The sanctuary says it was able to release the tortoise in an area near where it was found.

They were also brought a Carolina wren that became trapped in a hanging fly glue trap. Unfortunately, and despite the sanctuary's best efforts, the bird died the next day.

"Rescue can be extremely stressful for animals, both mentally and physically," sanctuary staff told FOX 13 News. "We just hope [the Carolina Wren's] story can help prevent incidents like this from happening in the future."