Wildwood beaches, boardwalk closed until May 1 due to pandemic

As cases of the novel coronavirus grow across the Garden State, authorities are implementing additional measures aimed at slowing the spread of the virus.

Local officials on Monday announced that Wildwood and North Wildwood beaches and the boardwalk will be closed until at least May 1.


The closures go into effect Wednesday at 12 a.m.

"Sunbathing, sitting in chairs, lying on blankets, organized sports, and grouping of people on the beach is hereby prohibited while these restrictions are in place," the city of Wildwood wrote in its guidance.

Exceptions to the closures include exercise like walking, jogging, biking, fishing, surfing and metal detecting.


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Wildwood, New Jersey

The North Wildwood Bike Path and seawall will also be closed until at least May 1.

Exceptions to the bike path closure include walking, running or biking prior to 8 a.m. each day. Residents may walk or run on the seawall under the same time constraints.

All short-term and transient rentals are also prohibited through Thursday, April 30.

New Jersey is among the hardest-hit states in the country and is likely weeks away from hitting the peak of the outbreak, according to health officials.

City officials reminded residents and property owners to continue to practice social distancing measures recommended by the CDC while these restrictions are in place.

Officials in Wildwood Crest and Avalon have similarly closed their beaches in an effort to stem the spread of COVID-19.


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