Williams Urges Kane: Release All Emails

District Attorney Seth Williams says he made a mistake when he ordered "sensitivity training" for three top prosecutors ensnared in the "Porngate" email scandal.

The comments came during an exclusive interview Tuesday with FOX 29's Jeff Cole in the D.A.'s Center City office.

Williams says he didn't have enough information.

"And so today, I am calling on the Attorney General to release all 10,000 of these emails so that everyone can understand the full extent of what was shared and by whom so that all of us can do the right thing today," Williams said.

The emails have been found on computer servers in the Office of the Attorney General by embattled A.G. Kathleen Kane.

"I want the public to have the opportunity to review all of them," Williams said.

Three of Williams' top prosecutors - Marc Costanzo, Patrick Blessington and Frank Fina, all former assistant attorneys general - have been caught up in the controversy.

Williams first ordered "sensitivity training." Now, they've been transferred to lower-profile jobs.

The move came after Williams was blasted by female members of Philadelphia City Council and the National Organization for Women.

"They want those three fired based on those 20 emails," Cole said. "They think you should blow them out."

"And I respect those councilwomen that you mentioned…," Williams said.

"But you don't think you should fire them?" Cole asked.

"…And people that come up to me on the street," Williams continued. "But I know a lot of the information maybe that they don't. But I think all of us need to know all of the information."

The D.A. admits he made a mistake back in August when he learned of the nasty emails.

He says they contained "things that were repulsive," adding, "I am not defending them at all. But what I should have asked for then is what I am asking for today. I should have asked for the entire cache of emails."

The city prosecutor who has taken much of the heat is Fina. He has a long track record of success while a state prosecutor, responsible for high-profile corruption cases, including "Bonusgate" and the Jerry Sandusky probe.

But Williams says Fina did receive and share the inappropriate emails.

"I am disappointed by some of the emails that he shared and forwarded I think they are inappropriate and idiotic," Williams said. "But what I feel personally isn't important. I think what's important is what we do every day ensure justice in the City of Philadelphia.

Cole asked, "Why not fire Fina in August, when you first looked at those emails?"

"Well, at the time, again, it was things that had been shared prior to his employment here. Based on the information I had, he had been a model employee here," Williams replied.

"But you demoted him now based on that material?" Cole asked.

"I transferred him," Williams answered. "As a result, though, I've listened. You know, I make a lot of my decisions, like, as a lawyer would. But I had to take myself out of that role, somewhat, and listen to city council."