Winter weather slows COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Pennsylvania

The snow and frigid weather gripping much of the country is creating yet another obstacle in the rollout of the lifesaving COVID-19 vaccine.

"Moderna vaccine was not shipped on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday from the distributor. Pfizer was not shipped on Monday and limited doses were shipped Tuesday and Wednesday," Health senior advisor Lindsey Mauldin said.

Pa. officials briefed reporters Thursday on the fast-moving snowstorm and its impact on vaccine deliveries.

"There will be a significant backlog of orders for distribution as a result of the adverse weather. The current storm may also impact vaccine shipped this week to vaccine providers," Mauldin added.

Quickly cleared roads will help. PennDOT is urging residents to stay off the roads while it plows them and urges caution.

"It will take time to clear all roads and shoulders even if a road does appear clear keep in mind slow-moving plows," Melissa Batula said.



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