Woman admits to hitting deer when police pull her over to give surprise holiday gift

A California police officer was ready to gift an unsuspecting driver $100 during a traffic stop as part of a holiday community outreach program, when the driver started to give a surprise confession.

In a video posted to Madera County Sheriff’s Office's Facebook page, an unnamed patrolman is about to return the woman's license when the she begins to admit her suspected wrongdoing.

"Hi! I think I know what happened! Back in September I hit a deer," she said.

The patrolman thinks nothing of her odd confession and immediately gives her the good news.

"I'm not going to give you a ticket today," the officer said. "What we are going to do, though, is give you $100."

At first, the woman is relieved that she will not have to pay a costly ticket...

Then she is shocked at the $100 gift...

Finally, overcome with emotion, she begins to cry.

The sheriff's office says this is their fifth year of "Operation: Random Acts of Kindness." Patrolmen and employees of Agriland Farming Company hand out 50 envelopes containing $100 bills to unsuspecting drivers during traffic stops.