Woman gives birth in back of car, driver's coaching goes viral: 'Do the magic'

(FOX NEWS) -- Some Uber or Lyft drivers offer water or snacks to passengers, but one New York couple who requested a ride to the hospital got much more when their baby unexpectedly arrived in the back seat — thanks in part to the coaching they got from the front.

“Honey, you got to breathe, Mami,” Luis J. Leonardo told his passenger, who started the ride laying down in the back seat before yelling in agony as her contractions intensified.

“No, she’s literally coming out,” his passenger yelled back.

“Yeah, but you have to breathe,” he said.

“Her head is in my hand,” the unnamed passenger yelled back. “She’s out!”

“Pull it out, boss! Do the magic, do the magic, spread your legs,” he told the woman, whose partner was also along for the ride. "Spread your legs Mami, spread your legs!"

After the baby girl, who came into the world screaming, was delivered in the back seat of his car, Leonardo helped coach the shocked parents into finding a blanket and cleaning her up.

“That’s it boss, you got your kid, you got your kid, shut it down,” he told the pair. “Move your legs off the seat, we’re driving, everything’s done."

He keeps talking them through the chaotic event before adding, "God bless the baby.”

The man in the back then takes their bag off the seat to make more room for the baby, while the mother searches for a towel to clean her up.

“That's it, boom, we Gucci,” Leonardo said.

He then tells his passengers to call the hospital and let them know the baby was born, and gives the new mother credit for her wild birth story.

“Damn, you gave birth in the car,” he told her.

He also mentioned that he’d appreciate some help paying for the cleanup.

“You better hook me up with a little extra for the car wash man,” he told his passengers.

“Man I’m broke, I didn’t think this s--- was going to happen,” the male passenger said.

It was not clear which rideshare service Leonardo worked for, nor if he got a tip.

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