Woman goes into labor at best friend's wedding

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC -- Leslie Leith and best friend Charley Norman recently celebrated two separate joyous occasions on the same day - Leslie discovered she was pregnant, and Charley got engaged to her now husband, Justin.

"There was always a running joke it was going to happen the day of. It was just a joke," Charley said to WBTV.

According to the news station, the women have been best friends since 2007. They're from Denver in Lincoln County, North Carolina, and have extreme loyalty towards one another.

So it came as no surprised that Charley asked Leslie to be her Maid of Honor.

And the joke about Leslie giving birth on Charley's wedding day? Well it's a joke no longer because Leslie woke up on May 30 with mild contractions.

"They weren't intense and they weren't consistent, so I called the doctor and they said, 'It sounds like pre-labor, just keep an eye on it,'" Leslie told WBTV.

Leslie continued with her plans - attending Charley's wedding at Vesuvius Vineyards in Denver.

"I really wasn't even going to tell them that I was in labor potentially, but as soon as I walked in they read my face and they were like, 'Are you kidding me?'" said Leslie to WBTV.

As the day went on, Leslie felt her contractions come with frequency and they became more painful.

She told WBTV that she contemplated going to the hospital during the actual wedding ceremony, but her determination to stand by her best friend's side deterred her.

But as soon as Charley and Justin said "I do", Leslie and her husband Ian were out the door, into a car, and on their way to the hospital.

Just two hours after the wedding, Leslie's and Ian's baby boy was born.

"When Jay came over that microphone and said 'It's a boy!' two hours later, we're like 'wow.' And it all set in that this happened so quickly," Charley said to WBTV.

And then after the announcement, the bridal party went to the hospital to meet the new bundle of joy named Owen Alexander. They were all still dressed in their wedding attire.

"It was epic," Charley told WBTV. "And it just added to such an amazing day."