Woman goes into labor mid-flight, baby born four months premature

A baby was born four months premature in a Dublin hospital after her mother went into labor on an international flight.

Jenny Drake, from Nashville, is now speaking out about her experience. She arrived at the hospital just four minutes before giving birth and being pregnant for just 25 weeks.

Jenny and husband Gavin were returning home from a break in Paris when she went into labor just an hour after takeoff. They were enroute to a North Carolina airport.

The flight was then diverted to Dublin in hopes of getting her to the hospital in time.

"I was terrified," said Jenny to the Daily Mail.

"My big fear was that, if she was born on the plane she wouldn't make it because she was so young and her lungs were not properly developed.

"I was just trying to keep her in, which is easier said than done.

"I just kept thinking, "Please let me make it to the hospital", because every minute counts without oxygen."

Fortunately, they made it to the hospital in time, and their daughter Zoe was born weighing just 1 pound and 8 ounces.

"She's doing really well and is stable now thankfully," Jenny said. She also added that they gave Zoe the middle name Ireland.

Jenny and Gavin were returning home to their son, 3-year-old Aiden, after they celebrated their babymoon in Paris.

Then, just an hour later, her contractions began.

"It was pretty terrible," she said.

"My contractions were three minutes apart pretty much from the get go.

"I was trying everything to convince myself that it wasn't labor, that it was just Braxton Hicks [false labor pains], but eventually I had to flag down a flight attendant.

"They asked if there were any medics on board and I think eight lights went on. There were several doctors who helped me, so I was really lucky.

"Originally they were going to turn the flight around and head back to Paris, but then we were told we were going to Dublin.

"I felt for my poor husband, at one point they handed him a bag and said you may have to catch her."

She continued, "It was just really emotional. It was a huge relief to arrive safely."

Though baby Zoe is expected to stay in intensive care at the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin for the next few months, she is said to be doing very well.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the couple financially during their stay in Dublin. More than $14,000 has been raised since the fundraiser was set up four days ago.