Woman Hands Out Resume on Highway Ramp, Gets Massive Response

Define yourself... Don't let the world define you.

BUFFALO, NY - Just two days after quitting her job as a sales representative for a jewelry company, Carrie Kemeling had 13 interviews lined up.

The 28-year-old told the Buffalo News that traditional job applications, like submitting her resume online, just weren't getting the results she was hoping for.

So she tried something new.

Kemeling set up shop on the I-190 pedestrian crossing with a sign reading, "Not homeless, but hungry for success! Take a resume."

"I wanted to do something difference," she said. "Instead of just emailing a piece of my work history or dropping my resume off on somebody's desk."

First day... Here I come!

Kemeling said she got a variety of responses from people, some offering money, which she denied, others bringing her coffee or saying a prayer.

"I've gotten lots and lots of positive support," she said. "I've had few people stop and walk over to me to get a resume. And some people have given me the thumbs up, so I'm feeling the Buffalo love."

It seems her unique strategy has paid off. Kemeling begun her new job at a Buffalo IT Company on August 25.