Woman Hopes to Find Owner of Lost Wedding Ring

West Chester, Pa. (WTXF) A West Chester woman's trip to the grocery store had her coming home with groceries and a whole lot more.

She says she found someone's wedding ring in the parking lot so she turned to FOX 29 for help finding its owner.

Donalynne Ziegler hopes her Facebook post will reunite someone with the special ring they apparently lost.

"The design of the ring, its 14 carat gold, it's a wedding band. I was pretty sure it was a wedding ring because of the width," she told FOX 29.

She says she found the ring the morning after Christmas in the parking lot of giant in the Bradford Shopping Plaza in West Chester.

Donalynne describes the ring as unique.

"The outer band has black enamel sea turtles all the way around it," she explained. "Sea turtles represent love, hope, prosperity, long life. So I'm sure it has a lot of meaning to whoever lost it," she explained.

Donalynne can relate to cherishing something personal. She wears a charm bracelet she says tells her whole life story. She can't imagine losing it.

"It's very important. It's sentimental, it's not expensive but it's mine and I have the same feeling about this ring. It needs to be returned back to the owner," she said.

If you know who the ring belongs to contact us on Facebook or email fox29.newsdesk@foxtv.com and we'll help you get it back. You must be able to tell us what the inscription says on the inside if the ring.