World War II veteran receives high school diploma at 92 years old

World War II veteran Robert Schultz received his high school diploma at 92 years old this weekend.

In 1943, Schultz was only a junior in high school when he was drafted into World War 2. He served for 2 years in Europe, and was not permitted to finish school when he returned.

"I tried when I got out of the service. They wouldn't give it to me," he said. "So I went out on my own, worked 30 years, made a living, raised 3 kids."

His grandson, Todd, encouraged him to get his diploma.

Todd said his grandfather's tough work ethic runs in their family. "My grandfather worked at construction for 30 years, my dad worked extremely hard, and they instilled that early on," he said. "And then my grandparents also instilled the value of education."

At the annual Memorial Day celebration in Brecksville, Ohio, Schultz was honored in a special ceremony and applauded with a standing ovation.

He was able to celebrate alongside his youngest grandson, Tyler, who also graduated from high school this weekend.

"I'm feeling good. It's about time," Robert laughs. "After 92 years, I finally got it."