Young girl diagnosed with autism brings Easter cheer to Cape May County

NEW JERSEY (WTXF) - In Cape May County, a little girl with a big heart proves how kindness can go a long way. The 6-year-old has challenges of her own because she has autistim, but today she was focused on other people's struggles and helped organize an Easter dinner for the hungry.

A little six year old named Alyssa who has autism and still, always seems to be asking, "Why can I do for others?"

At age two, she gave away her toys and when she saw a family at a grocery store checkout short of cash her concern turned to food.

"From that point she started wanting to donate food to the different food banks and to be able to help, and then she said mommy I wish we could just feed them," Dawn Playford, Alyssa's mom said.

Today. She did.

"They haven't ate since a long time. They haven't eaten in a while and you wanted to help them? And you've been feeding them today? Yes. What have they been saying to you? Thank you," Alyssa said,

Thank you, quite often, in the form of laughs and smiles. Most here, with places to live, but this Easter an act of love is much appreciated.

Alyssa and her parents teamed up with the restaurant's owner.

"We canvassed the neighborhood, we stopped along the road and told some people that seemed to be out for Easter today to come by," Dawn said.

And agencies like Caring For Kids and the Salvation Army, donated the food.

"We do not want any child to ever go without," Debbie of Caring for Kids told FOX 29.

Today, because of Alyssa, no one did.

200 people served, two dozen volunteers, upwards of $10,000 worth of food. Not bad for a six year old.