Eagles upgrade 99-year-old fan to suite for NFC Championship

99-year-old Phil Basser, of Philadelphia, is becoming quite the celebrity after his grandson Josh answered a Vikings fan's tweet about her grandma Millie bringing home a win for Minnesota.

The 18-year old University of Pennsylvania freshman tweeted, 'Looks like we got a battle of the centenarians.'

With a whole lot of of pep in his step, Phil was once an underdog. He was born in Philadelphia in 1918, raised in a Jewish orphanage and fought in World War II and the Korean War before opening his own advertising company.

He proudly wears his Carson Wentz jersey--a gift from his grandson--Phil is giving Nick Foles some credit.

"He's a good player, brought us to this stage," he told FOX 29.

Now, living in New York with his daughter, after losing his wife, the loyal Eagles fan remembers the leather helmets and when his favorite team played at Franklin Field. Phil now plans his days around Eagles games.

As an early 100th birthday present, Phil's family planned to take him to Sunday's NFC Championship game at the Linc. However, due to the cold and lack of restrooms, the family feared they may not be able to bring Phil after all.

Then the Eagles stepped up.

The folks behind the Eagles organization, who heard Phil's heartwarming tale, pulled some strings and were able to put him and his family up in a suite where he can comfortably watch the game.

His family hopes his presence will bring some magic to the high-flying birds.