Tremendous celebration when boy with Down Syndrome scores a touchdown

A boy with Down Syndrome became the center of attention, scoring a touchdown, but his brother and brother's coach get some credit for the celebration.

The coach's son actually tweeted the heartwarming video after the Olney Bears' football game at OBGC Park in Maryland, over the weekend.

Matthew Barry and the Olney Boys and Girls Club said one of the players had a younger brother with Down Syndrome. He was a huge Bears fan and had always wanted to give football a try.

The player asked the coach if his little brother -- #32 on the field, smaller than the others, and identified as "T" in the Facebook post -- could play for their team.

Unfortunately, his parents couldn't find a football team willing to take him on.

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This video exemplifies everything great about the Olney Boys and Girls club as well as the Olney community!!! One of Coach Will Barry's players asked if his younger brother T who loves the Olney Bears could have the chance to play some football. T has Downs Syndrome and despite searching near and far his family could not find a team for him. Thanks to many T had the chance yesterday afternoon. The smile on T's face and the pure love shown to him by players on both teams was something special to behold!!! #WeareOlney

Courtesy Facebook/OBGC - Olney Boys & Girls Community Sports Association via Storyful

The coach said yes and T ran it in, scoring a fantastic touchdown!

The celebration after was especially wonderful; both teams joined in.