DJ Jazzy Jeff on his friendship with Will Smith

Iconic DJ & producer DJ Jazzy Jeff talks about his decades-long friendship with Will Smith, saying "I don't know anyone who has walked a straighter line than him." Jeff recounts the aftermath of the Oscars' slap, and he dives deep into his reaction to Will's very revealing autobiography.

Ep. 37 The Pulse with Bill Anderson: DJ Jazzy Jeff

Iconic DJ and Producer DJ Jazzy Jeff joins Bill Anderson in this episode of The Pulse. Jeff talks about his career in music and how he dealt with the fame from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air TV show. Jeff was not always ready to embrace his new fans. Jeff tells Bill about another famous musician who changed his feelings about his “new” fans. Also, Jeff talks to Bill about Will Smith and “getting old in Hip Hop.” That is all in this episode of The Pulse.

Ep. 13 The Pulse with Bill Anderson: Mo’Nique

From winning an Academy Award to having a hard time finding a job, Mo’Nique has experienced just about everything during her career. This week on The Pulse with Bill Anderson, Mo’Nique talks about the decisions she has made and how they have impacted her both personally and professionally. Does she have any regrets? And what is her take on the drama between Will Smith and Chris Rock? Mo’Nique talks about it all this week on The Pulse.