Bitter temperatures return as forecasters monitor potentially major weekend snowstorm

Bitter cold has returned to the Delaware Valley Wednesday as another cold front moved through the area overnight - but all eyes are on a coastal storm that could impact the area later in the week. 

Wednesday morning's front will be helping to keep temperatures in the 30s through the weekend. Wednesday's high is just 30 degrees, and Thursday morning will start off with lows in the teens. 

The cold temperatures will be an important factor as we keep an eye on our next possible weather event – a coastal storm that is expected to bring snow to the area Friday night. 

Forecasters are keeping a close eye on the storm's path as it moves northward - in order to see if it will take a path that hugs the coast or goes further out to sea.

Nor'easter 'bomb cyclone' to bring heavy snow, high winds, coastal flooding to East Coast this weekend

A powerful nor’easter with heavy snow, high winds, and coastal flooding threatens the East Coast this weekend.

FOX 29's Sue Serio says she expects parts of the area to get snow in either scenario, but a track closer to the coast would mean higher snow totals. 

That snow is currently expected to bring light snow to the area Friday night. The main event would be overnight and into Saturday morning. A track that hugs the coast would also mean the snowfall would stick around longer on Saturday. 

Forecasters should have a better idea of the storm's track on Thursday, but for now say temperatures tell them that any precipitation from the storm will fall in the form of snow in the Delaware Valley.

In either scenario, New Jersey is expected to see the most snow. Potentially damaging winds and coastal flooding concerns will also depend on the storm's track. 

The National Weather Service said in their Wednesday morning overview that there was if things fell into place, there was potential the storm could become a major snowstorm for the area, with totals of 6-12+ inches possible. 

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