Philadelphia weather: Possible storms loom as heat ebbs in brief relief for Delaware Valley

Wednesday is day seven of the second heat wave of the region, and we may be catching brief relief from the heat and humidity before it ramps up again.

Wednesday’s temperatures made it into the mid-90s, but the "feels like" temps are in the triple digits. That is how your body reacts to the conditions.

Remnants of Beryl and a cold front are on the move and as that energy moves into the Delaware Valley, an isolated severe thunderstorm can’t be ruled out. The storms are weakening as they move west to east, diminishing the severe threat. What's left is occasional thunder, lightning and some heavy rainfall.

Thursday should see lower dew points and humidity and, while the temp may reach about 90 degrees, it won’t feel quite as oppressive with lowered dew points.

There is only a brief reprieve from the intolerable heat, until it all returns again Sunday and into next week.