Weather Authority: Pleasant Thursday leads to an above-average weekend

Lots of sunshine on Wednesday brought the cold temperatures back up into the high 50s and low 60s across the Delaware Valley. 

A frost advisory is in effect Wednesday night for areas north of Philadelphia as temperatures fall into the low 40s and high 30s overnight. 

The next couple of days will stay mild, but a few spotty showers are expected in the area tomorrow with average temperatures in the 60s. 

Spring is moving its way in with above-average temperatures on Friday and a high of 72 in Philadelphia.

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THURSDAY: Spotty showers. High: 65. Low 42.

FRIDAY: Sunny and breezy. High: 72. Low 50.

SATURDAY: Stays mild. High: 67. Low 47.

SUNDAY: Temps sore. High 80. Low 51.