Winter Outlook 2022-2023: Below average snowfall totals expected for the Delaware Valley

The FOX 29 Weather Authority is getting you ready for winter weather with an in-depth look at the expected snowfall this season. 

Kathy, Sue, Scott, and Drew take you through what to expect this winter with predictions on snowfall totals and the chances of a white Christmas. 

The Delaware Valley can expect an overall mild winter with seasonable temperatures and manageable snowfalls. But, with the holidays on everyone's minds, the age-old question comes back up again: Will we have a white Christmas? 

The FOX 29 Weather Authority is predicting a 30% chance of a White Christmas in the Delaware Valley.

Unfortunately for the snow lovers, Kathy Orr says there is only a 30% chance that the Delaware Valley will see a snow-covered ground on Christmas morning. But that doesn't mean we won't see snow this winter. While forecasters say this winter will be below-average in terms of snowfall, there are still some days when we can anticipate some flurries, and maybe even squeeze out a snowman or two. 

The FOX 29 Weather Authority is predicting a total of just under two weeks of snow covered ground this year in the Delaware Valley.

Sue Serio predicts there will be 12 days with snow on the ground. January 1 is expected to be the coldest day of the month with daytime highs in the mid to upper 30s and nighttime lows in the teens. 

FOX 29's Scott Williams is says there is a moderate chance for a La Nina this winter in the Delaware Valley.

For the third season in a row, a La Nina pattern will set up, according to Scott Williams. A weak La Nina would mean more snow and a strong La Nina would mean less snow. 

FOX 29's Weather Authority is predicting seven emergency runs to the grocery store to stock up on essentials.

For the Delaware Valley, we're teetering in the middle with a moderate La Nina event, which Scott says will require about seven trips to the grocery store throughout the winter to stock up on the essentials: milk, bread, and eggs. 

FOX 29's Drew Anderson highlights the severity of winter storms expected this year.

Drew Anderson breaks down those seven anticipated snow events with four of them being nuisance storms, dusting the region with about 2 inches of snow. Three "plowable snows" are predicted for the region bringing three or more inches of snow. And for those wishing for a winter wonderland, Drew has some bad news. He says the Delaware Valley will not get snowed in. Out of all seven snow storms, only one of them will bring more than six inches. 

Now, for the highly anticipated number: how many total inches of snowfall can we expect? 

FOX 29's Weather Authority is forecasting a total of 19 inches of snow this winter in the Delaware Valley.

Kathy Orr says 19 inches of snow will hit our area this season, which is below the 23-inch average. Last winter, we only say about 12.9 inches of snow. 

While the winter ahead for the Delaware Valley looks manageable, it's important to be ready for the winter weather when it comes. Make sure to download the FOX 29 Weather Authority app for the latest forecasts and alerts.