10-year-old boy battling cancer honored by mayor of Allentown

A 10-year-old boy battling cancer was honored in a very special way by the mayor of Allentown.

It hasn't yet been a year since Ryan Miller, 10, was diagnosed with pediatric cancer, but almost from the beginning his parents, doctors and nurses, even fellow patients were amazed at how well this little warrior adjusted.

"He just puts a smile on his face and gets through the day. Nothing holds him down," Melissa Miller told FOX 29.

Miller is undergoing chemotherapy and other serious treatments at Lehigh Valley Health Network Pediatric Cancer Center. His upbeat attitude has not only been a source of strength to his parents but he also has made an impression on others at the clinic. 

His energy and leadership in the clinic earned Miller the title of "mayor of the clinic".

The little fighter even got the attention of the mayor of the nearby Allentown, who decided to stop by and show his appreciation. He received a certificate recognizing his positive and upbeat attitude.

Without the occasional reminder, Miller's strength can make you forget he is still only 10 years old battling cancer. Even at that age, he serves as an inspiration to us all.