12-year-old girl, 2 men all wounded in triple shooting

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A 12-year-old girl was shot and wounded by a stray bullet in the city's Fairhill neighborhood. She was just one of three innocent bystanders hit in a triple shooting in which at least 19 shot were fired.

Police say gunfire broke out just before 6:30pm Tuesday at N. Marshall and W. Clearfield streets. The girl was leaving a corner store when she was shot in her right leg and taken to the hospital in stable condition.

Also wounded: a 23-year-old man hit in his neck, now in critical condition; and a 31-year-old man shot in his ankle, now in stable condition.

That store got sprayed with bullets, including five hitting its door.

Police say the 19 shots came from either an assault rifle or large caliber semi-automatic weapon.

They haven't released a motive for the shooting, or made any arrests.

This means since June, nine kids in our area have been shot, and that doesn't even include children hurt while playing with guns.