14-year-old bicyclist struck by car dies

A popular, well loved 14 year old boy from Oakley lost his life Monday morning, after he was hit by a truck just a short distance from his home.

The teenager had kidney failure and was scheduled to have tranplant surgery next month.

Friends have created a memorial for the Kaleb Vancil along Big Break Road near Vintage Parkway, the scene of the collision.

They've left flowers and messages for the 8th grader whose life was cut short suddenly as he was riding his bicyle home.

Friends gathered for an emotional candlelight vigil for Kaleb , a student at Delta Vista Middle School in Oakley on Monday night.

His death leaves a void among his friends and his family.

"Just really hard to imagine doing anything without him. He was the life of the party in the family," says Adam Vancil, Kaleb's father.

His parents say he was a joy to those around him.

His mischeivious smile complimented his boisterous spirit.

"In his 14 years, he did so much. He lived such a great life. The fact that it's over... it's hard to comprehend," said Gina Kaleb, his mother.

Despite having stage 5 kidney failure, Kaleb played water polo.

He enjoyed the outdoors with this family. Yosemite and Lake Tahoe were his favorite spots.

On Sunday evening, he went fishing with friends in the Delta, not far from his home.

Kaleb was riding his bicylce on the sidewalk along Big Break Road.

A friend of Kaleb's tells KTVU he was following not far behind when he says he saw Kaleb ride off the sidewalk to avoid two pedestrians.

An oncoming truck hit him.

"I was in shock for a while. But then I knew I had to go get his parents. I screamed someone call 911. I knew he needed an ambulance immediately," said Kaleb's friend and classmate Thomas Chilcote-Wolfenearger.

Kaleb died at the hospital.

Younger sister Lola described the love she has for her brother," We would fight a lot but we were definitely really, really close. He was my best friend. He's gone no, so I don't really have a lot,"

Kaleb"s mom says her son's kidney condition had worsened in recent months.

She was a match. Gina says a week ago, the hospital informed them the transplant surgery has been scheduled for October 25th."We were almost there," says Gina,

Now, she says she's not sure how the family will spend that day.

"I would say remembering Kaleb but I don't think we'll forget him. I think it'll be a day we'll have forever in our hearts," says Gina.

Oakley Police say the driver who hit Kaleb is cooperating and that the driver was not impaired and speed was not a factor.

Police describe this collision as a "tragic accident."

Kaleb's family plans to hold a public memorial service for him at the Celebration Christian Center in Livermore on Saturday, September 17th at 10am.

For more information: www.celebrationcc.org

To help the family, www.mealtrain.com/trains/6n75ny