14-Year-Old Could Face Charges for Throwing Baby Carrot

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Henrico County, Va. (WTXF) A middle school student was suspended for a month and is possibly being charged with assault and battery after throwing a baby carrot at her teacher. Apparently a carrot is listed as the weapon on Moody Middle School's disciplinary paperwork. 14-year-old Aliya May has been suspended for a month after throwing a baby carrot at her former teacher and hitting her in the forehead.

"I don't understand this. Yes, it happened and I can see a couple of days in school or even a couple days out of school suspension, but this goes way beyond that. We have court, her charges aren't small, assault and battery with a weapon," said the mother of the suspended student, Karrie May.

The Henrico School District has declined to comment on the case. Aliya is now waiting for a court summons to see what will happen next.